Webinar | How to train your technical team on ROS skills?

webinar how to train your team on ros skills

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Learn the method of how to train the technical team or interns on ROS skills fast. Already used by many Universities and companies.

ROS is becoming the essential skills for robotics engineers. Apart from labs, there is an increasing number of commercial sector, industrial and services robots using ROS. Gradually, it has become a widely-used platform in the robotics research community.

Is a “good solution” for companies who are seeking quick development. In recent year there is a high demand in the self-driving car industry and due to its low level of functionality benefits, it attracts a larger number start-up companies using it from warehousing to agriculture, which is growing at an exponential pace. It supports the robot development and industry growth without specifically costs for building software and hardware.

But as you may understand, robotics engineers spend a lot of time developing ROS based software. Sometimes, they need to gather more knowledge about a specific ROS subject. Sometimes the team needs to incorporate more engineers with ROS knowledge.

In order to speed things up, in this one-hour webinar we will show how to smooth learning path for your team in order to maximize their learning speed and get the best possible results.



Technical teams, robotics start-ups, and companies who need to equip their team or their interns on ROS in an effective way, and apply ROS into robotics development quickly and effectively.


More info about ROS Team Training: https://www.theconstructsim.com/ros-team-training/



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