Webinar | How To Train Your Lab Interns’ ROS Skills

How to train your lab interns' ROS skills.

Written by The Construct


Learn the method that is revolutionizing the way new labs’ members are trained on ROS fast with no hassle. Already used by many Universities and companies.


Even if we would like to, engineering students do not receive proper ROS training during their undergraduate period.

This is a problem when students get engaged in the development of the Msc Thesis inside one of the labs of the University, or want to start their Ph.D. The students must dedicate a long time to get up to speed in ROS, before they can really use the code that is there already.

Typical option for the lab is to provide to the student with a computer, and a link to the ROS Wiki tutorials. Hence the student will pass the days and weeks trying to get the most of it.

In this one-hour webinar, we will show how to smooth the learning path for your interns in order to maximize their learning speed.


Laboratory staffs who may need to equip their fellows or train their new lab’s member on ROS.


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