Today, I would like to dedicate the episode to those ROS developers that use ROS with outdoor robots. You know that most of the ROS robots are basically indoor ones, where the level of control of the environment is a little bit higher. When you move outdoors…. Then things start to complicate a little bit more… I would even say a lot more!
I understand your suffering, and I admire your push to make outdoors robots a reality.
I dedicate this episode to you. This is my way of showing you my respect! I salute you!

Today we are going to talk with a ROS Developer that is using Nvidia Jetson board to control a 9Kg outdoors robot. It is my pleasure to introduce you Raffaello Bonghi a ROS developer using Nvidia Jetson board to build heavy outdoor robots. Raffaello is a robotics, computer vision scientist an has just changed his work to AI Technology Engineer.

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