ROS Control Tutorials (using Gazebo robot simulation)

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ROS Control Tutorials #Unit 1: Introduction to ROS Control

In this short video you’ll be introduced to ROS Control, an aspect of ROS that enables robots to move and get things done. We’ll be using Gazebo robot simulation. Follow along!

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ROS Control Tutorials #Unit 2: Basic Concepts

In this video we look at some basic theoretical concepts regarding ROS control that we will use throughout the rest of the course.


ROS Control Tutorials #Unit 3 : How To Configure and Launch the Controllers

This video explains how to configure and launch the controllers after configuring transmissions and the Gazebo plugin in the robot URDF files. It shows: 1. how to create a package to launch the controllers, and 2. how to write commands to test the controllers.

Slide used in the video:




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