ROS Robots For Researchers, Educators and Developers With Michael Ferguson


Written by Ricardo Tellez


The following podcast episode was recorded during the ROSCON 2019 at Macau.

Interviewing Michael Ferguson from Botnuvo for the ROS Developers Podcast

Interviewing Michael Ferguson from Botnuvo for the ROS Developers Podcast

Today, I would like to dedicate the episode to those ROS developers that have been using ROS for more than 10 years. You started in the difficult days when ROS was just a seed.

Today we are going to talk with a person who has been using ROS since the beginning since he is one of the original team at Willow Garage developing it. 

It is my pleasure to introduce you Michael Ferguson. Michael is the CTO and president of Botnuvo, a young robotics company that has just launched its first product. Michael started to work with ROS in 2010 as a software engineer at Willow Garage, From there, he co-founded Unbounded Robotics, the precursor of Fetch robotics. Then he moved to Fetch Robotics as CTO, and only recently he founded Botnuvo, a new company the builds robots for researchers educators and developers.



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