RDP 001: Programming Human Size Humanoid Robots With Luca Marchionni

Talking about using ROS with humanoid robots

Written by Ricardo Tellez



In this episode, Luca Marchionni CTO of Pal Robotics talks about how they use ROS for their humanoid robots. He will specifically describe how they achieved to control with ROS a human size humanoid robot that walks and required real time control. He will also reveal how they attached the NASA Space Robotics Challenge in order to reach third position at the competition. Finally, he will recommend one tool for ROS developers that helps them in their daily life as ROS developers.

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  1. John

    I was wondering if ROS ever had legs 🙂 Thank you Luca Marchionni and Ricardo for sharing this podcast and links to probe further.

    • Ricardo Tellez

      We are happy you liked it! Is there some subject or person you would like to have on the podcast?

  2. Roberto

    Nice interview, thank you! It was the first time I have heard about ROS development in a podcast.

    • Ricardo Tellez

      Thanks Roberto! Roman is on the wait for episode 4.



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