Onboard deep learning with NVIDIA Jetson Nano and ROS with Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Written by Ricardo Tellez


Today, I would like to dedicate the episode to those ROS developers that want to build their own robot for doing ROS experiments and learning.

Today we are going to talk with a ROS Developer that has built a ROS robot based on Nvidia Jetson nano in order to do deep learning experiments with ROS robots

But before going into that, let me remind you about our ROS online academy. Yes, at the Construct we have created an online academy named The Robot Ignite Academy which contains a full path of lessons and courses clearly specified to become a ROS Developer. We start by teaching you Linux and Python for robotics, and we continue teaching you all the basic ROS concepts required to become a master of ROS. We conclude with a course that teaches you how to build your own robot and how to rosily, add ROS control to it. Check it out at www.robotigniteacademy.com.

Apart from that, let me tell you that we have prepared a live course in Barcelona to teach how to program robot manipulators. In collaboration with Robotnik company, we are going to deliver a one week live course in Barcelona to teach how to make a mobile manipulator equipped with cameras, arm and wheels move in a warehouse and do the typical pick and fill in the box task. We are going to practice with real robot RB-Kairos from Robotnik and learn how to create a complete application including the web interface to easily control the robot by non-experts. Check it out at masteringros.com.

So now, it is my pleasure to introduce you again Miguel Angel Rodriguez. Miguel Angel is the CTO of The Construct . There he builds robots, develops ROS code and creates online courses for learning ROS. He is also the host of Morpheus Chair, a Youtube show where he shows how to interact with ROS and real hardware.
He is here today to explain us about his latest robot built on top of Nvidia Jetson Nano.

Welcome to the podcast Miguel Angel!

Create a people follower that will allow your robot to detect people and follow them using a deep learning model

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