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Developing Web Interfaces for ROS

From the essential to advanced widgets, learn how to control and monitor robots with ROS using just your web browser, all on the web!

Interactive Course     ·     Exercises & Projects Included     ·     Practice with Simulated Robots

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What's this Course About?

Control & Monitor Robots All on the Web!

Would you like to control and monitor robots with ROS using just your web browser?

Then "Developing Web Interfaces for ROS" is the right course for you! We dive, step-by-step, into many different widgets that communicate directly with ROS using only HTML and JavaScript code. You will learn the essentials and be able to develop more using the knowledge you've acquired.

What You Will Learn

Robots Used in this Course





Your Learning Path

We guide you through each step

  • What's this course about?
  • Let's Practice! - Using a simulated robot to see the interaction between a Web Page and ROS.
  • Creating and Running a Web Page
  • Adding Styles to the Page
  • Let's Practice! - Fix the knowledge of html + css using a bootstrap library to define grids.
  • Understanding what JavaScript is
  • Setting Up a JavaScript Framework
  • Define a Standard to Debug the Code
  • Understanding the Lifecycle of a Web Page
  • Handling events of the page + Controlling the robot
  • Let's Practice! - Create two buttons for the web page
    • Turn Right
    • Stop
  • Subscribing to a topic
  • Understanding how to treat the message object
  • Showing data in the web page
  • Let's Practice! - Control a Robot using JavaScript
  • Video Streaming Architecture
  • Embedding images on the web page
  • Let's Practice! - Add a new camera viewer to your web page
  • Understanding how to Call a ROS Service
  • Example of Calling a service
  • Let's Practice! - Create 2 buttons:
    • Takeoff
    • Landing
  • Understanding how it works
  • Configuration for the web page
  • Inserting the map element
  • Understanding how ROS Parameters works
  • Practical Example
  • Let's Practice! - Tune a robot speed using a web page
  • Understanding ros3djs
  • Understanding how to set up a robot 3D Visualization on our web page
  • Let's Practice! - Show the robot you are working on a 3D canvas
  • Understanding howroslib.js works
  • Understanding how to use roslib.js
  • Let's Practice! - Create an action client on the web page

Develop a web interface to control a robot performing mapping in a given environment.

Create Your Web Interfaces for Your ROS Robot Now