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ROS Debug Course

Unit Testing with ROS

Prevent recurring bugs and work on your code with greater confidence

Course Overview

Why Should You Learn Unit Testing With ROS

Unit Tests - An Essential Tool for Robotics Developers

Currently, there exist thousands of ROS packages and that number is growing every year. As a robotics developer, you will have to constantly update your code. But it is very easy to introduce errors or bugs.

So with this in mind, unit testing becomes an essential tool that allows you to make incremental updates to your code more quickly.

What You Will Learn

Learn how to perform Unit Tests with ROS on the 3 main levels of testing

Introduction to Unit Tests

Introduction to Unit Tests

Why unit tests are an essential tool for robotics developers

Basic Concepts

Basic Concepts

Get introduced to the core concepts related to ROS Unit Testing: testing tools, levels of testing, etc.

Unit Test Library

Unit Test Library

The first level of testing is the Unit Test Library. We will see how to create unit tests at a Python-code level.

ROS-Node Level Tests

ROS-Node Level Tests

The second level of testing is the ROS Node-Level Unit Tests. We will see how to create unit tests at a ROS-node level.

ROS Integration Tests

ROS Integration Tests

Learn how to create ROS Integration tests, which are tests at a behavioral level.

Learn by Practicing

Learn by Practicing

A small project to put into practice everything you've learned during the course.

Experience Robots

Practice by programming simulated robots to truly understand


Parrot AR.Drone

Fearlessly Handle Your Code by Learning To Do Tests

Make incremental updates to your code more quickly

Refactor your code with greater confidence

It leads to better-designed code

Prevent recurring bugs

Other people can work on your code more easily

Automatic tests simplify maintenance

Build Your ROS skills Today

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ROS Kinetic

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