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Fuse Sensor Data to Improve Localization

Learn how to fuse GPS, IMU, odometry, and other sources of localization

100% Online Course      ·      No ROS Installation Required      ·      Practice-Based Course

Course Overview

How can you improve the localization of your robot, when you have multiple localization sensors?

We will solve that localization problem by using the robot localization package.

In this course, you are going to work on the following scenarios:

✓ Use robot_localization to merge different sensor inputs (IMU, Encoders, etc.).
✓ Use robot_localization alongside an external localization system (AMCL).
✓ Use robot_localization alongside GPS data.

What You Will Learn

Merge multiples sensor data using the robot_localization package

Using the robot_localization package along with an AMCL localization system

Perform GPS navigation using the robot_localization package

Robots Used

Robot simulations used in this course



TurtleBot 2

Your Learning Path

Learn how to configure, launch, and work with the robot_localization package

Course introduction, including a demo (Launch a navigation system, which merges GPS data with other sensors in order to improve the robot localization.)

Learn how to use the robot_localization package to merge data from different sensors in order to improve the pose estimation for localizing your robot.

Learn how to combine an external Localization system with the robot_localization package.

Learn to Navigate your robot using GPS data.

This last unit is meant to practice some of the knowledge that you've gained during this course. You will do this by completing a project, where you will have to combine everything you've learned during the course.

This project will be based on a totally new environment, which is an outdoor environment.

Why a robot_localization package ?

Goal of the course

One of the most important parts of mobile robotics is achieving Autonomous Navigation. This is when your robot is able to move by itself, with only the help of its sensors and actuators. And the localization of the robot plays a key part in achieving this autonomous navigation. We know that robot localization is the ability of the robot to know where it is in the environment.

In this course, we are going to review the robot_localization package, developed by Tom Moore. The main goal of this package is to provide accurate data about where the robot is and what it's doing, based on the input of as many sensors as you want.