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Hello ROS Developers! In this post, we are going to show a way of creating a custom program to send desired positions with respect to the task space of the Open Manipulator end effector. There are many possibilities to program this robot. For the sake of simplicity, we will use a single service available to move the arm

Hello ROS Developers! In this post we are going to setup the simulation of the robot OpenMANIPULATOR-X from Robotis company. All the steps were based on their official documents Let’s start creating a new ROSJect, we are going to use Ubuntu 18.04 + ROS2 Eloquent, which is also a ROS 1 Melodic environment.   Configuring environment

Restaurant Robot Simulation in ROSDS

.                 What we are going to learn How to add modifications to the 3D model. How to create a load sensor plugin for gazebo. How to set up navigation, create a map and save table waypoints. In summary, we will learn how to create a simulation that

Hey ROS Developers! In this post, we are going step-by-step to install ROS 2 Crystal in a fresh Ubuntu 18.04. I’m using a regular desktop computer, the one I use to support me on ROS development. This tutorial is a report of my personal experience as a ROS developer. All the steps were taken from

.             What we are going to learn Learn how to embed ROS data visualization inside a Jupyter notebook. List of resources used in this post ROSject with all the code and simulation: Jupyter ROS, the tool that allows us to see ROS data in the notebooks: Opening the