In this webinar we are going to show how to develop your ROS programs in a fast way.
We will be doing a life demo of the ROS Development Studio (RDS), the online web environment that allows development with ROS using any type of computer.

We will show:

1- How to develop a ROS program with RDS using a web browser
2- How to test the program in any of the provided simulations
3- How to debug the program using Rviz and other ROS tools
4- How RDS integrates with git
5- How to use the RDS to create a shareable demo of your product or research result, that others can use off-the-shelf

The presentation will be 20 minutes plus 10 minutes questions.

?Please start watching from 02:20




* Vamsi Tungala: why simulation time and real-time is different?
Speaker: because the real time is the time we live by, the clock time. The simulation time is the time in the simulation. It may happen that the simulation is very complex and then simulating a second of the robot takes 10 seconds of real time. It could also happen that you use very fast computers and simulate faster that real time.

* Mohamed Abdelkader Zahana: do you need __main__ ?
Speaker: No. No main was required for that example. It was just a simple example. For more complex environments a main definition may be required.

* Sergio Polimante what is the best way, specialy free ways, to learn fast and solid content [of ROS]?
Speaker: I would recommend you to watch this video with the most common methods of learning ROS:

* Lisset Salinas Pinacho: As this is a web interface, where do the files go? Are they kept in the server?
Speaker: you can leave them there, you can push them to your git, or you can download them using the download option. In the close future there will also be the option to execute on the real robot directly from the platform.