The Construct Manifesto

Written by Ricardo Tellez




With the proper tools, you can make more hypothesis, test faster, and debug effectively. The whole creative process can be speeded up by the use of proper tools. Tools are the key.

Tools for robotics.

For a long time, robotics lacked tools. To design was difficult, to test was difficult, to debug was difficult. Everything had to be done from scratch everytime a new robot was to be created.

Then it came ROS from Willow garage and the whole niche exploded. ROS provided visualization tools, simulation tools and debugging tools, and thanks to them, robotics experienced a big push.

Simulators are the tools

Among some of the robotics tools required, simulations are at the core. This has been already known by the chemical, medical, or architectonic industries. Always start your research/product with a simulation.

Simulations allow you to test before you build, to test after you build and to develop new features for your already existing robot without engaging in highly costs. They allow you to test your most crazy ideas without having any risk.

With robotics simulations you can automatically check for functionality errors in your code, or to let your robot learn and improve while you are sleeping. Simulations allow for distant teams to collaborate and cooperate over the same robot.

Robotics simulations should be at the core of any robot development.

Pushing simulations for robotics.

Thanks to some companies and groups simulators have experienced a big push in the last years. This is good.

Now it is time to bring simulators even further, to the big scale… to the cloud!

Use the cloud to build large and complex simulations. Share simulations with your colleagues. Use any device to simulate. And forget about simulator maintenance… Just simulate!

Test faster. Create faster. Maintain faster.

This is The Construct manifesto!



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