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Teaching Robotics With Cloud Simulations

Live tutorial at IROS 2016 10/X/2016

Cloud Simulations For Teaching Robotics

This tutorial is about showing how to develop a teaching class of robotics that allows the students practice each one with a robot, and allow the teacher to concentrate on teaching and the student on learning robotics, instead of solving configuration/installation errors.


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How to concentrate on teaching robotics

All teachers and students suffer two main problems when teaching/learning robotics:

  • First, there are not enough robots for all the students, and the existing robots are usually very simple.
  • Second, it is a nightmare to have each student with their computer ready for the robotics class, either because the operating system is not the proper one, the version of ROS is not the correct one, or there are many problems installing the required version of Gazebo.

We will teach a solution that removes all those barriers, because uses systems already prepared in the cloud. The environment used by each student will be exactly the same as the teacher’s, hence the teacher can be sure that his exercises will work for the students.

This will allow the teacher to concentrate on the teaching instead of solving problems of versions, configurations or installations, at the same time that allows the student to learn complex concepts by using many different (simulated) robots that otherwise would never had access to.

We will be using the tool The Construct that provides different types of simulators for robotics through a web browser.

We will provide a complete course we have developed that teaches the basics of robotics, simulations and ROS by means of robot simulations in the cloud. This course will be freely available for all teachers and students.


All participants must come with a laptop in order to practice the exercises that will be presented.

No specific requirements needed for the laptop, just have installed the latest version of Chrome, Firefox or Safari.