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[ROS Q&A] 157 - How to make TurtleBot rotate left and right?

Learn how to make TurtleBot rotate left and right by running the python (.py) file. In the video, we try to answer the following question posted on the ROS Answers forum: RELATED LINKS ▸ Robot Ignite Academy ▸ ROS in 5 Days Course (Python) ▸ ROS Development Studio (ROSDS) ▸ Original question We Love Feedback

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[ROS Projects] - Use OpenAI_ROS with Turtlebot2 Step by Step - PE

  This is an extra short video updating what it has been done new on OpenAI_ROS package. You can find the link to the package wiki down below. This is important for the people that saw the other two videos, because the structure of the package has changed and it might lead to some confusion


  In this second part, you will continue by creating your own TaskEnvironment for a different TurtleBot simulation environment with a wall. You will create this Task Env that allows the robot to learn how to reach a certain position in the map without running into the wall. Related links and resources: Here is the


  In this new video series, we are going to learn how to use the openai_ros package created by TheConstruct. You will learn to use it with all the robots that we give suport to. You will learn in this video divided into two parts, how to use openai_ros with Turtlebot2. You will learn how

Are you having problems to make your robot navigate because of the kind of data you have to treat? It’s very common to get stuck when we have to work with quaternions, instead of RPY angles. Quaternions are used in robotics to represent the rotation, in 3 axis, of a rigid body in respect with