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Stack of Tasks with ROS

In this episode, I interview Enrico Mingo Hoffman, postdoc researcher at the Humanoids & Human Centered Mechatronics Lab of the Italian Institute of Technology. He will talk about their open implementation of the Stack of Tasks for the whole body control of humanoid (and non-humanoid) robots. He will also explain how their development environment at the lab works, and will discuss some differences between ROS and YARP, another framework for robot programming developed at

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Using OpenAI with ROS

Friday, 09 February 2018 by

  OpenAI has released the Gym, a toolkit for developing and comparing reinforcement learning (RL) algorithms. That toolkit is a huge opportunity for speeding up the progress in the creation of better reinforcement algorithms, since it provides an easy way of comparing them, on the same conditions, independently of where the algorithm is executed. The toolkit is mainly aimed at the creation of RL algorithms for a general abstract agent. Here, we are interested in applying it to the control of robots (of

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ROS robotics standard

  Last week I was talking to one lead engineer of a Singapore company which is building a benchmarking system for robot solutions. Having seen my presentation at ROSCON2016 about robot benchmarking, he asked me how would I benchmark solutions that are non-ROS compatible. I said that I wouldn’t. I would not dedicate time to benchmark solutions

Hello Developer! In the last years, unit testing has become more popular in a lot of programming languages. It’s a very useful practice to any kind of program or project. The problem is “How do I start testing?”. If you have already a project that has not being tested from it’s beginning, it becomes hard

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Are you having problems to make your robot navigate because of the kind of data you have to treat? It’s very common to get stuck when we have to work with quaternions, instead of RPY angles. Quaternions are used in robotics to represent the rotation, in 3 axis, of a rigid body in respect with