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In this episode, HaoChih uses ROS 2 and DDS to create IoT products based on ROS 2 while working at ADLink Technology. He will explain some solutions he has been creating while at ADLink like: * Adlink_DDS bot * Adlink Neuron bot system How they use DDS and ROS 2 for ARM based robotic solutions.

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In this episode we talk with May Zheng from chinese company Gaitech. She will explain us: – Is a very good moment now to sell ROS based products in Asia? How to start doing it? – What are the main problems of selling ROS based products in China – Which is the biggest market now

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ROS robotics standard

 In this episode I would like to talk about the need that robotics developers have of having a standard for robotics (in terms of API). By having a robotics standard, developers can concentrate on building solutions that do not have to be re-implemented whenever the robot hardware changes. Actually, given the middleware structure, developers can disassociate so much from the hardware that they can almost rely 100% of its time in the software realm while

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How to publish Image Stream in ROS Raspberry Pi Cover

Getting started with ROS Raspberry Pi This is a quick guide on how to get your Raspberry Pi up and running to start your first steps into robotics with ROS (Kinetic). This guide is a compilation of methods described by other people so please do check out the links if you need more detailed explanations.

Cecilio Angulo talks about his project of using ROS with Aibo robot

In this session of The ROS Developers Podcast, I chat with Cecilio Angulo, associate professor at Technical University of Catalonia and director of the Intelligent Data Science and Artificial Intelligence Research Center. We will talk about a project he started to bring Aibo robot back to life again by using ROS. He talks about how the whole thing started and why. Then he describes the different parts implemented in the Aibo

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