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[ROS2 in 5 mins] 003 - Where is roscore in ROS2?

Where is roscore in ROS2?

Monday, 05 November 2018 by

Hello ROS developers! In this post, we’ll find out what happened to roscore in ROS2 and how similar functions of the ROS1 master were implemented in ROS2. Sit back and get ready to have some fun! In order to approach this theory-like topic with as much practical as possible, this post has two main sections:

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[ROS in 5 mins] 048 - How to use rqt_console for debugging

Learn how to use rqt_console for debugging by setting the logger level for ROS nodes. We’ll see some sample messages generated, including that of a turtle, which we will intentionally run into a wall! Let’s go! Step1: Create an account and/or Login to Robot Ignite Academy (RIA) On RIA, you get access to the best online

RDP 025: Hardware Robot Operating System (or H-ROS) With Victor Mayoral

  In this episode I talk to Victor Mayoral, CTO of Erle/Acutronic about their Hardware ROS (or better known as H-ROS). We will talk about how they have implemented this hardware framework for building ROS based robots by combining hardware parts that natively work on ROS (no drivers required in the main computer). He will

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  In this episode, I talk to Dejan Pangercic, the CTO of APEX.AI a company that is creating the first fork of ROS 2 to create a new operating system for autonomous cars based on ROS: The Apex.OS. Dejan explains us why ROS2 is the way to go for autonomous cars, how are they modifying

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RDP 023- ROS to Teach Foundations of Robotics With Ross Knepper

  In this episode, Ross explains how he uses ROS to teach foundations in robotics. He tells about how he synchronizes the teaching of ROS with the teaching of robotics subjects, as well as his use of simulations and the importance of debugging tools for ROS. He also explains why he doesn’t use the ROS

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