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Case Studies - How Softbank engineers learns complex ROS subjects fast

SoftBank Corp. is a Japanese telecom operator, a core company of SoftBank group. We talk to Tadashi Imokawa, an engineer at SoftBank Corp. in charge of the hardware and software development of the company’s robots, Tomohiko Furutani manager of the AI robot development team about their necessity of learning ROS for robotics, and how they


HKPC is the Hong Kong Productivity Council, a multi-disciplinary organization which is tasked with promoting and assisting the Hong Kong business sector through the introduction of more efficient and updated business and technological methods. We interviewed Yiu Chi Wai – Senior Engineer at their Automotive parts and accessories R&D center. We talked about why they were learning ROS and why

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webinar how to train your team on ros skills

  Learn the method of how to train the technical team or interns on ROS skills fast. Already used by many Universities and companies. ROS is becoming the essential skills for robotics engineers. Apart from labs, there is an increasing number of commercial sector, industrial and services robots using ROS. Gradually, it has become a

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How to train your lab interns' ROS skills.

Learn the method that is revolutionizing the way new labs’ members are trained on ROS fast with no hassle. Already used by many Universities and companies. DESCRIPTION Even if we would like to, engineering students do not receive proper ROS training during their undergraduate period. This is a problem when students get engaged in the

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webinar - How to train your team with ROS for self-driving cars

  The rapid development of auto-car has promoted a large demand for self-driving cars engineers. Among the skills required, knowing how to program with ROS is becoming an important one. In this webinar you will learn how to start with self-driving cars using ROS. RELATED LINKS: * Autoware autonomous cars software * ADA’s car ROS