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URDF/Transmission + Gazebo Controllers

URDF/Transmission + Gazebo Controllers Hey ROS developers! In this post, we will make our robot able to be spawned into Gazebo simulator. Based on the YouTube video series, we’ll show in this format the steps to achieve the final result of the series! In this post number #4, I’m gonna create the Transmissions and controllers to some


In this tutorial of ROS Q&A Series, we’re going to see how to connect movit to the (simulated, in this case) robot. This is a video trying to answer the following question posted at the ROS answers forum: Step 1. Create a project in ROS Development Studio(ROSDS) ROSDS helps you follow our tutorial in a


  In this Live Class we are going to see how to apply all that we have learnt in the previous classes about Gazebo. We are going to execute ARIAC simulation made by the OSRF. We are going to learn how to manage that simulation in order to make the robots perform useful tasks in


  In this video we will see how to launch a complex industrial environment with several robots in it, including ROS industrial robots and service robots. The simulation contains a UR5 industrial robot and a couple of mobile bases. Also, many types of sensors include, including lasers cameras, and even a conveyor belt simulation. This

what is ros moveit ros movelt post cover

What is moveit_ros? ROS MoveIt!: All You Need to Know To Start I remember when we participated at the Robocup At Home competition in 2013 with the Pal Robotics team (actually that project was the germen of current The Construct company). At that competition, we used a humanoid robot to do home tasks like bringing stuff to the owner, detecting emergency situations or just following its owner