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  In this video we are going to see why a ROS developer can’t launch a PR2 Gazebo simulation, mainly because the ROS controllers are not found. We will see which are the ROS packages which provide all the required controllers for the PR2. We will also see how you can apply this check to

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  This is a series of posts. If you didn’t follow up, you can find the previous post here. In this 5th video of the robotic manipulator series, we will expand the ROS controllers to all joints of our robot using XACRO. At the end of the video we’ll have a full controlled robot through


  In this video we are going to see how to configure the differential drive ROS controller for a wheeled robot using a Gazebo simulation. This is a video trying to answer the question of Jaime posted at the ROS answers forum about how he cannot make the controller work, and receiving the error: Controller

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ROS Control Tutorials #Unit 1: Introduction to ROS Control In this short video you’ll be introduced to ROS Control, an aspect of ROS that enables robots to move and get things done. We’ll be using Gazebo robot simulation. Follow along! ROS Control Tutorials #Unit 2: Basic Concepts In this video we look at some basic

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  We show you a manual method to tune a PID for a robot that uses ROS Control to control its joints with a position controller. This method is very artisan but it is enough for most of the cases. We do not teach how ROS Control works in this video. We assume you already

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