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RDP 023- ROS to Teach Foundations of Robotics With Ross Knepper

  In this episode, Ross explains how he uses ROS to teach foundations in robotics. He tells about how he synchronizes the teaching of ROS with the teaching of robotics subjects, as well as his use of simulations and the importance of debugging tools for ROS. He also explains why he doesn’t use the ROS

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ros developers podcast 22 Building Warehouse ROS Robots With Melonee Wise

In this episode I talk to one of the mothers of ROS, the co-creator of the Turtlebot robot, and the CEO of one of the most important companies of the world that sells ROS based Warehouse robots (Fetch Robotics). Among other things, she will explain about their work to simplify the control of fleets of

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RDP 021- The State of Robotics Education With Joel Esposito

In this episode we talk with Joel Esposito about his research on what is the current state of robotics degrees around the world. Based on a set of questionnaires, Joel obtained a clear view of what is the current situation of robotics degrees around the world and what are its drawbacks. He then proposes how

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RDP 020- ROS Agriculture With Kyler Laird

In this episode with talk withh Kyler Laird about how to apply ROS to agricultural machines. Kyler will explain his experiences creating autonomous tractors. He will also talk about the ROS Agriculture group created to spread ROS among farmers. Selected quote: The ROS Agriculture group is more oriented towards farmers than towards companies Kyler Laird

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  Basically what we are going to teach in this extra Live-Class is: 1- How to record a trajectory that you would like the robot to do 2- How to make the robot reproduce that trajectory Everything using the GPS as localization system. This time we are going to use the ROS Development Studio to