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Create ROS Server to Access Pan & Tilt

About Learn how to create a ROS node server and some custom messages to access the real Pan & Tilt. This way any ROS program will be able to access the Pan & Tilt and will serve as the base for creating a simulation in the next video. Git of Pan And Tilt Project List

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Pan & Tilt with Raspberry Pi and ROS tutorials the construct

About In this video, you are going to learn how to set up your raspberry pi to use the Pan & Tilt Hat created by WaveShare. We will create a python class to move the two servos and test all its functionality. Remember to leave a message of love to ANKI 😉 with the Hashtag

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Build a Raspberry Pi & ROS Camera Robot

About In this video, you will learn how to mount the robot in an autonomous system. We will learn: – How to install the Raspberry Pi Camera. – How to do ssh to Raspberry Pi, remote desktop and install ROS kinetic in Raspberry Pi Ubuntu Mate. – How to start a roslaunch that will allow

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Build the Structure of a ROS RaspBerry Pi Robot

Welcome to Morpheus-Chair, the program where you will learn how to build a ROS RaspBerry Pi Robot to be used as a foundation to learn all there is in this fascinating world of Robotics. In this first video, we introduce the video series and teach you how to assemble the chassis step-by-step. BOM: Magician Chassis:

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  In this video, you will learn how to use the Face Landmarks published in Part2 to make the MagicMirror Face move in simulation.  Want to start developing for ROS now? Check out RDS: Want to learn more about how to move a robot in ROS? Check out the RobotIgniteCourse on URDF robot generation: