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We continue setting up OpenAI-Gym to make a Hopper robot learn in Gazebo simulator, using ROS Development Studio. If you didn’t follow the previous post, here are the links: [ROS Projects] Create a Hopper Robot in Gazebo Step-by-Step [ROS Projects] OpenAI with Hopper Robot in Gazebo Step-by-Step Got a suggestion for the next steps to


In this series, we are going to show you how to build a hopper robot in ROS and make it learn to hop using reinforcement learning algorithm. The hopper robot simulation has been built in the last post. In case you didn’t follow it, you can find the post here. Part 1 Use OpenAI to


  Locomotion is one of the most challenging topics in robotics. Creating the hard-coded algorithms and the kinematics models is not an easy task. Therefore, its no surprise that AI has been used to try and make robots learn how to move by themselves. In this project you will learn step by step, how to