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We show you how you can launch two drones (or more) in the same Gazebo simulation, each one having its own independent control system based on ROS. This procedure can be replicated to launch as many drones as required. RELATED LINKS – How to start programming drones with ROS: – Hector Quadrotor Simulation:

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In this video answer, we walk through the basics of a Parrot AR Drone Gazebo simulation. You will learn the topics provided by the simulation and how to use a ROS program to interact, sending commands or reading sensors, with this robot. Let’s get started! Step1. Create a new project on ROS Development Studio(RDS) We’ll


  There are magnificent tutorials about how to create plugins for Gazebo in the GazeboSim webpage. There are even some tutorials about how to create plugins for Gazebo + ROS. Those tutorials show that there are several types of plugins (world, model, sensor, system, visual), and indicate how to create a plugin for a world type

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