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  In this video, we are going to see how can we launch multiple robots in a single Gazebo simulation. We will be introduced to the concept of namespace and tf_prefix, which are essential to make sure that the robots will be able to work correctly. We will create a series of launch files that

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  In this ROS LIVE-Class we’re going to create a world in the Gazebo simulator for the previous differential drive manipulator we created in the previous class, so the robot can navigate around and interact with the objects. The model of the robot was created using URDF. However, the model of the environment will be


  Locomotion is one of the most challenging topics in robotics. Creating the hard-coded algorithms and the kinematics models is not an easy task. Therefore, its no surprise that AI has been used to try and make robots learn how to move by themselves. In this project you will learn step by step, how to


  In this video we will see how to launch a complex industrial environment with several robots in it, including ROS industrial robots and service robots. The simulation contains a UR5 industrial robot and a couple of mobile bases. Also, many types of sensors include, including lasers cameras, and even a conveyor belt simulation. This

  In this video we will learn how to install the ROSBot Gazebo simulation in just 5 minutes and how to launch the mapping and navigation demos that it includes. RELATED LINKS ▸ Husarion web page: ▸ Husarion ROSbot simulation git: ▸ Robot Ignite Academy: ▸ ROS Navigation in 5 days online course: