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ROSjects: ROS Code Sharing Made Easy

Share & Reproduce your ROS projects via a simple web link.

What are ROSjects?

ROSjects allow you to share and reproduce your robotics results in real time on any type of computer without requiring any installation (everything runs on the cloud).

ROSjects are Dockers on steroids! Your projects will work 100% assured on any computer without previous configuration or setup on your side.

On top of everything, ROSjects are FREE!!

Use ROSjects for

Sharing Teaching Lessons

Share robotics class projects with your students and have them working from minute 1.

Reproducing Results

Reproduce your robotics results on any computer without previous configuration on your side.

Sharing Demos

Provide demos of your robotics products to anyone by sharing a simple web link.

ROS Developers Conference 2019 Speaker Applications are now open.

Share your knowledge & robotics results with global ROS developers!

Run the following ROSjects right now:

ARIAC Competition

This ROSject contains the industrial environment used in the ARIAC competition of 2017. Industrial robotic arms, conveyor belts, autonomous robots - everything is ready to work in this ROSject. Get it running on the icon below.

The Autorace Competition

Use this ROSject provided by Robotis company, where a Turtlebot 3 robot will have to move around a circuit full of obstacles.
Get it running by clicking on the icon below.

Cartpole Reinforcement Learning

In this ROSject, we integrated OpenAI Gym with Gazebo and ROS. We applied it to train a Cartpole3D Simulation to learn to keep the stick up.
Get the full code, tutorial, and simulation by clicking on the icon below

RobotX Challenge

This ROSject contains the Gazebo simulation of the WamV water robot and all the competition scenarios for the RobotX Challenge. We also included the open_ai packages required for training the robot


This is another water simulation of the amazing KingFisher robot by Clearpath. Click on the link below and get the ROSject that will allow you to start developing control algorithms without caring about setup.

Husarion's Object Search

This ROSject will show you how to implement a Search Object behavior for a wheeled robot, using ROS. Click on the icon below to get the whole code running

How we use ROSjects in real life

We use ROSjects to provide robotics lessons that are reproducible by the students of the University of La Salle on their computers with no installation.

We share ROSjects with an international audience during our online ROS Live Classes, and all the attendants can start running the code from minute 1.