3-day Intensive Live Training

Mastering ROS2 Control

Understand ROS2 Control to add feedback control to your robot easily.


Training on

June 1 – 3, 2022


Online with Remote Robots


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Experts Guidance


Practice A Lot with Simulated & Real Robots


Learn How to Use ROS2 with Both Python & C++



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Training Overview

Using the ROS2 Control Framework, robotics developers can easily customize, scale, and extend an entire robot control system by changing its decoupled components and seamlessly switching back and forth between real robots and simulations.

What you’ll learn

This training teaches you how to interconnect sensors, actuators, and controllers using ROS2 Control and implement end-to-end control loop feedback mechanisms for precise motion control using ROS2.

At the end of this training, you will know how to set up and launch a complete, featured, robotic control system.

How you’ll learn

Students learn through real-time ROS expert-led explanations, along with explanatory notebooks and robotic simulations. The students will complete the exercises with simulated robots, working with the instructor. Each student is assigned their own simulated robots. 


Total time: 22 hours

Every day from 9 AM to 6 PM

3 timezones available

  • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT)
  • Eastern Daylight Time (EST)
  • Central European Summer Time (CEST)


Intensive Live Training

Who is this training for?

  • Robotics Developers who want to run their robots with ROS 2
  • Companies that want to equip their team with ROS 2
  • Robotics teams that want to transition from ROS1 to ROS2

3 days intensive training plan

Total time: 22 hours






2 hrs/day: Learn Theory


2 hrs/day: Do Exercises with Simulated Robots


3 hrs/day: Work on Real Robot Projects


1 hr/day: Apply & Debug Your Codes on Real Robots (with our support)

Real Robots Used

You will be using the following real robots throughout the training


UR3e Robot Arm with OnRobot Gripper

Simulated Robots Used

You will use several robots in simulations and others in reality. This will allow you to see the flexibility of ROS2 with different robotic platforms.

RRbot simulation

Differential drive robot

Solo 8 Robot


What You Will Learn in 3-Day


  • Linux for Robotics
  • Basic Python and intermediate/advanced C++ programming knowledge
  • ROS2 Basics
  • URDF for Robot Modeling
  • Use Google Chrome or Firefox browser.
  • Any operating system is valid. It is not necessary to have Linux.

  • Institution: The Construct in cooperation with Robotnik
  • Programming Language: Python and C++ in Linux
  • Language: English

Unit 1: Gentle introduction to control, ros2_control, and practical exercises to demonstrate the courses learning objectives.
Unit 2: Step by step, learn to configure a basic ros2_control pipeline for a simulated robot. This unit covers robot description files, configuration files, and launch files.
Unit 3: This unit is devoted to implementing ros2_control on real robot hardware. Learn how to write a simple custom hardware interface for a robot by showing the required steps involved in a generic example. The unit keeps things simple, but you will learn enough to demonstrate the various stages of this process. It includes hardware-interface source code files and plugin registration files.
Unit 4: This unit is a real-life implementation of a custom hardware interface showing all the details specific to such a task. The unit covers vendor libraries, hardware-interface source code files, and plugin registration files.
Unit 5: This unit explores the types of controllers already included with ros2_control and some of the advanced and task-specific types. It contains forward command, position, effort, velocity, joint trajectory, and differential drive controllers.


Miguel Angel

Miguel Angel

Head of Research @ The Construct | Creator of over 10 ROS AI courses | Author of ROS IN 5 DAYS book collection

Alberto Ezquerro

Alberto Ezquerro

Head of Education @ The Construct | Creator of over 30 ROS courses | Author of ROS IN 5 DAYS book collection

Ricardo Téllez

Ricardo Téllez

CEO @ The Construct | Teacher of Robotics at La Salle University and Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Rodrigo Gonzalez

Robotics Engineer @ The Construct | Leader of RoBox – 24/7 Remote Real Robot Lab

Roberto Zegers

Roberto Zegers

Robotics Software Developer / Creator of ROS2 Control course



You will get REAL, PRACTICAL experience that is APPLICABLE to your real-life robotics development.


We help you move fast!


Get recognized! Upon successfully completing this training, The Construct grants a certificate of completion to participants. This training is graded as a pass or fail; participants must receive 75% to pass and obtain the certificate of completion.

It was a great training with A LOT of outcomes! Thank you for bearing with me. I really appreciate your professionalism during this training.

Saleh Alkhamees

Systems Engineer, Advanced Electronics Company

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to install ROS in advance?

No. No software installation is required. Students do not need ROS to be installed on their computers.

This training is 100% online, you only need to bring your laptop and connect to the internet. You can use Windows, Linux, or macOS.

What do I need to prepare?

To prepare for this online workshop, you need to know the basics of Linux, Python, and C++. This is mandatory, so in case you need it, take the following three free courses:

  1. Linux for robotics
  2. Python3 for robotics
  3. C++ for robotics

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