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Written by Miguel Angel



  1. Introduction unit to this perception in ROS course using RobotIgniteAcademy platform. 

In this course you will learn to:

  • Use OpenCV with ROS
  • Make robots track objects by its colour blobs
  • Make robots navigate following floor lines with only RGB camera
  • Make robots detect human faces and track them
  • Make robots recognise different faces
  • Make robots track a person through a 3D enviroment
  • Make robots recognise flat surfaces like tables where object might be placed
  • Make robots recognise objects and track them in 3D space with PointCloudSensors

You can learn the full course in


2. Here you will learn how to do blob tracking with cmvision and the robot Mira.

In this unit you will start using cameras in ROS and use the cmvision package for blob tracking. Once you get the hang of it then in Unit2 you will go deeper in how this blob tracking is done and how the image can be processed.


3. Follow Line with OpenCV

Learn about OpenCV in ROS with a following line Kobuki


4. Object Recognition and flat surfaces

Here you will learn how to recognise objects and flat surfaces in ROS.

5. Face Detection

Learn how to detect multiple human faces in ROS.


6.  Face Recognition

Learn about Face Recognition in ROS

7. People Tracking

Learn how to do people tracking in ROS.

8. ROS Perception Project: Perception with Aibo ERS7

Practice all you have learned in the previous units in a new environment with the Aibo ERS7 simplified with depth sensor. Also see what to do next once you have finished this course.


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  1. Shyam Ganatra

    where can I get the code for this course, without registering for it?


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