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ROS Training for Businesses

A ROS Learning Solution for Teams

Train your teams on ROS skills...Fast!

Integrated ROS Online Learning Platform

Learn ROS fast by practicing on online simulated robots

Trusted by the world’s leading businesses

A More Dynamic Way Of Learning ROS

Discover how to train your team on ROS skills fast

Stay Engaged

Videos, dynamic learning exercises, and real ROS projects simplify complex topics.


Build your ROS programs and test them on the simulated robots in REAL-TIME.

Track Progress

With admin tools, ROS challenges and exams clearly evaluate your team's learning outcomes.

Anywhere, Anytime

With only a web browser, you can use any type of computer to learn ROS (Windows, Linux, MacOSX).

With less time, we obtained better results than reading books or tutorials. The Academy approach is a more dynamic way of learning, because they combine the tutorials with the environment to develop and test the programs, everything online.

Román Navarro

CTO of Robotnik

Who Can Use The Platform

Give your team not only knowledge, but also practical experience

Upskill Your Existing Developers

Level up your team with the latest ROS topics and skills to achieve your specific goals

Train New Interns

Train your new employees to master ROS fast.

What You Will Learn

Practice-based courses focused on the latest ROS topics

ROS for Beginners

Gives you the basic tools and main knowledge to be able to create and understand ROS programs

· Python   · C++


ROS for Self-Driving Vehicles

Shows you the basic knowledge you need to master in order to program Self-Driving Vehicles for a Level 3 of autonomy



Introduces you to basic concepts you need to know if you want to begin exploring all the ROS-Industrial capabilities


Case studies


How SoftBank engineers learn complex ROS subjects fast

Learn more

Case studies


How HKPC learns ROS for their new division of Self-Driving Cars

Learn more

Case studies


How Robotnik Trains Their Interns in ROS

Learn more

Plan for Businesses

The fast, easy, and affordable way to empower your team with ROS skills

  • 3 to 10 Users
  • 300 per user/year
  • BILLED ANNUALLY (save 20%!)
  • Access all courses
  • Access all live-classes and code
  • Access all ROS resources of "Explore"
  • 600+ high-quality video tutorials
  • Priority chat support
  • ROS Certificate
  • Interview support
  • Ticket to the annual ROS Developers Conference


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Empower Your Team Today

The fast, easy, and affordable way to empower your team with ROS skills