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ROS & Robotics Online Training Solutions For Enterprise

Quickly and effectively transform your IT developers into robot app developers online.

Equip Your Team with ROS Fast

Arm your new hires and interns with ROS skills fast without costing yourself time and human resources. 


Our automatic evaluation system ensures the best learning outcomes.

ROS in ONE Platform

From ROS basics to artificial intelligence, everything you need to learn in ROS-based robotics projects is here.

ROS + Robots

The online ROS + Robots programming environment allows your team to learn ROS like they would in a real development environment.

How Will You Learn

Get the best learning results through practice

What we provide is not only what to learn, but also how to succeed.

Our ROS experts will provide you with a 60-minute consulting service and specific orientation guidance for your ROS-based robotics project. You will clearly know where to start and the optimal path to take for success.

Courses We Provide

A Comprehensive ROS Curriculum

ROS Basics (Python)

ROS Basics (C++)

ROS2 Basics

Robot Navigation

Robot Manipulation

ROS Deep Learning

Domain Randomization

Programming Drones




Self-Driving Cars with ROS

Robot Grasping

Web interface for ROS

ROS for Industrial Robots

URDF for Robot Modeling

ROS Control

Unit Testing with ROS

Python for Robotics

Linux for Robotics


TEB Local Planner

Robot Localization

Debug Tests

Plans & Pricing

Case Study


How Softbank Engineers Learn Complex ROS Subjects Fast


How Robotnik Trains Their Interns in ROS


How HKPC learns ROS for their new division of Self-Driving Cars

Our Enterprise Users

Learning ROS with traditional methods takes a lot of time and is complicated. But The Construct already provides all that you need to be ready to start learning ROS, and has many interesting ROS courses that aren’t found on the internet!


Manager of the AI Robot Dev. Team, SoftBank

The courses are very helpful in putting teams at a certain speed and the content is excellent. We are very happy with the service provided by The Construct.


Chief Engineer, Robotics, HP

With less time, we obtained better results than reading books or tutorials. This is a more dynamic way of learning!


CTO, Robotnik

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