ROS Student Simon Steinmann Shares His ROS Learning Experience


Written by Ricardo Tellez


Today, I would like to dedicate the podcast to those students that aim to become  ROS developers. If you are studying ROS for your undergraduate course, for your PhD thesis, for your job at a robotics company, just would to tell you that sometimes ROS can seem difficult and complex, but I can assure you that if you persevere you will master the beast and become a developer for robots with ROS. This episode is dedicated to you!

And today, it is my pleasure to introduce you Simon Steinmann. Simon is a student at University of British Columbia in Canada. There he works on his master thesis on robotics and machine learning. Since he needed to learn ROS for his thesis, Simon enrolled our Robot Ignite Academy to boost his ROS learning, and that is how I met him. Today, Simon is going to tell us more details about his ROS experiences.

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