[ROS Q&A] 117 – How to Launch a ROS Industrial Robots Simulation


Written by Ricardo Tellez



In this video we will see how to launch a complex industrial environment with several robots in it, including ROS industrial robots and service robots.

The simulation contains a UR5 industrial robot and a couple of mobile bases. Also, many types of sensors include, including lasers cameras, and even a conveyor belt simulation.

This amazing simulation was created by the OSRF for their ARIAC competition 2017 using Gazebo simulator


[irp posts=”8409″ name=”RDP 006: Using ROS for Industrial Projects With Carlos Rosales”]

Step 1. Create a project in ROS Development Studio(ROSDS)

ROSDS helps you follow our tutorial in a fast pace without dealing without setting up an environment locally. If you haven’t had an account yet, you can create a free account here. You can get the shared project through this link .

Step 2. Run the simulation

We prebuilt the package for this project. You can run the simulation with the following command

source ~/simulation_ws/install/setup.bash
rosrun osrf_gear gear.py --development-mode -f /home/user/simulation_ws/install/share/osrf_gear/config/sample.yaml

You can then open the gazebo simulation from Tools->Gazebo. You should see the whole simulation of a warehouse.

Step 3. Demo

We prepared a demo which you can simply launch with the following command


After executing, you should see the robots are moving around.

We will use this simulation in a future ROS Developers Live Class #20 for playing with robots in industrial environments:

[irp posts=”9470″ name=”ROS Developers LIVE-Class #20: Simulate an Industrial Environment”]


Edit by: Tony Huang

▸ OSRF: https://www.osrfoundation.org/
▸ ARIAC competition: http://gazebosim.org/ariac

Robot Ignite Academy
ROS Industrial online course
ROS Development Studio





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  1. GuillaumeB

    The link to get the shared project seems to be dead.
    I got this message: “This share link has expired at 2018-05-01 20:03:36! You will need a fresh new to have access to the project”

  2. knidai

    i get a message saying project not found, possibly removed. Please, kindly update the project. Thank you very much.


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