[ROS Projects] – ROS with Raspberry Pi 3 using Gazebo Face Simulation #Part2

Written by Miguel Angel



In this video we continue with what you learned in the previous one, we connect to RaspBerryPi through ssh and OpenVPN. We will record a ROSbag in ROS Developement Studio to avoid memory issues that RaspBerry Pi has when recording rosbags. We will then use FaceLandmark python code to detect facial landmarks and publish them in ROS. Finally we will visualise those markers in RVIZ. We will also do as extra, the head orientation detection and publish it in ROS topics also.

Thank you very much to:
LearnOpenCV for the HeadOrientation algorithm, check it out here:

Pyimagesearch for the faceLandmark tracking and usefull tools ( imutils )

Want to learn more ROS, go to RobotIgniteAcademy

Want to Develope for ROS and have unlimited power with RaspberryPi? Ros Developement Studio

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