Introducing the ROS Inside logo!


ROS Inside Logo As a Quality Indicator

It is time that we clearly state that robots with ROS work better, are easier to maintain, are cheaper and are more compatible. They are better robots!

ROS Inside Logo For Awareness

Many systems engineers and companies don’t even know that ROS exists and is so good for their projects. Let’s make them aware and increase the community of ROS Developers

ROS Inside Logo To Educate The World!

Robots are becoming mainstream, and we need to educate people on what to check for a good robot.

ROS Inside for your robots

Proudly show it on your robots!


ROS Inside for your computers

Proudly show it on your computers!


ROS Inside for your t-shirts

Proudly wear it!

Creative Commons License

The logo is launched with CC license.

You can copy/print/sell/do whatever you want with the logo.

Licencia Creative Commons
This logo is under a Creative Commons License 4.0 Internacional.

Download the logo files and apply them to whatever you want

Buy ROS Inside Stickers, T-shirts And Merchandising

All the benefits are sent to Open Robotics to support the development of ROS

Let’s make ROS the standard for robotics!

Disclaimer: the ROS™ name, the Nine Dots ROS logo, and other ROS trademarks are property of Open Source Robotics Foundation, Inc. (OSRF or Open Robotics).

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