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Román Navarro García

CTO of Robotnik Automation

Román Navarro GarcíaWhy does Román prefer ROS?

ROS is a robust and open-source robotics framework in constant growing, and supported by thousand of users & developers.

About Román 

Román is the CTO of Robotnik, a company that sells service robots and robot applications. He is in charge of the technical development of the company, and he is the creator and programmer of many of the robots that his company sells. He is also in charge of establishing distribution relations with other robotics companies worldwide like Fetch robotics or Gaitech.

Title and Abstract of the Speech 

Learning how to map, localize and navigate wheeled robots with ROS

In this talk, Román will teach how to configure the navigation stack for making a wheeled robot navigate in an indoor environment. He will go step by step showing you the following concepts:

  • How to create a map of an indoor environment
  • How to use the map to localize the robot
  • How to use the map and localization to make the robot move autonomously on the environment while avoiding obstacles

You will be practicing with him by using the Summit XL robot to demonstrate all the concepts.




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