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Speaker of ROS Developers Conference
Abhimanyu Dhawan

CEO at Indoor Buddy Inc

ROS Developers Conference Speaker Abhimanyu DhawanAbout Abhimanyu Dhawan

My areas of interests spans across various fields of engineering. I like building hobby projects and learning more about electronics in addition to utilizing my knowledge from mechanical field being a Mechatronics Engineer.
My qualities include learning things from any engineering domain quickly and applying them in real world problems, troubleshooting and optimizing processes.
I am a big supporter of Entrepreneurship and have worked as a president of EDC, Thapar University to learn how to lead a team to work together towards a given target. I really look forward to utilizing my skills in challenging areas.

Title and Abstract of the Speech 

Simple warehouse inventory detection Robot using Visual States diagrams


My plan is to use Kobuki Robot with Kinect and laser scanner to operate in a warehouse with multiple shelves, to detect and report if any item is missing in a notepad/database using distance sensing on left and right. I will be taking help of Visual state diagram to keep check when the robot is moving in between aisles and when it is not, and also going to the charging base after every 3 minutes (5 hours in real world).


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