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Speaker of ROS Developers Conference
Anis Koubaa

Professor and Head of Robotics and Internet of Things Research Lab at Prince Sultan University

About Dr. Anis Koubaa

Anis Koubaa is Professor in Computer Science in Prince Sultan University. He is also consultant at Gaitech Robotics in China and Senior Researcher at CISTER/INESC-TEC research group in Portugal. He is the Chair of ACM Chapter in Saudi Arabia and Director of Robotics and Internet of Things Lab at Prince Sultan University.

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Title and Abstract of the Speech 

ROSLink: Connecting ROS-enabled Robots to the Internet-of-Things and Clouds

Short statement of objectives:

When you deploy a robot with ROS, basically, you need to be connected with the robot and this typically happens within the scope of a local area network. Such a scope restricts the access to the robot to small range. Although, ROS allows control of a robot from a workstation using the same ROS master, however this solution is not scalable and rather limited to a local area network. Solutions proposed in recent works rely on centralized ROS Master or robot-side Web servers sharing similar limitations.
In this tutorial, we present the ROSLink protocol, which is lightweight asynchronous communication protocol between the robots and the end-users through the cloud. ROSLink leverages the use of a proxy cloud server that links ROS-enabled robots with users and allows the interconnection between them.
In this tutorial, I will present the following:
  • The limitation of using a shared ROS master in a local area network
  • Existing approaches to integrated ROS to Internet.
  • System archiecture of ROSLink protocol
  • Implementation steps of the ROSLink protocol for custom robots
  • Hands-on demonstration to control robots and drones over the Internet using ROSLink


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