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ROS Developers Day is an annual hands-on robot programming online event for ROS developers worldwide. This virtual conference aims to connect ROS developers from around the world to Practice, Learn, and Share the latest ROS applications together in real-time, regardless of geographical limitations.

Unlike the normal slideshow-type conference, this is a hands-on event with a focus on practice. Every attendee will program the robot and reproduce the ROS projects’ results together in real-time while following the speakers’ demonstrations.

What you can expect

You’ll walk away with practical knowledge and action steps in order to use your ROS force to power the world’s robots!

What is ROS (Robot Operating System) cover

12h of

Hands-on ROS

You’ll get a ready-to-run ROS project (rosject) provided by each speaker. With the rosjects, you’ll be able to launch the robot simulations, access the projects’ code, start developing control algorithms… in real-time on any type of computer while the speakers are presenting, and without any previous setup on your side.

Learn from Top

ROS Developers

We will select 10 robotics experts from top universities and companies, who are also pioneering ROS Developers with years of experience in using ROS. You will have the opportunity to “touch” and experience their fascinating ROS projects.

What is ROS (Robot Operating System) cover

Connect the

ROS World

This is the event for our ROS Developers! Talk, program… and connect with other ROS Developers from all over the world. Not only will there be tons of great ROS content, but also a chance to work together to power the world’s robots!


Steve Macenski

Steve Macenski

ROS TSC | Roboticist | Samsung Research America Open Source Robotics - Engineering Lead | Advisor

Sid Faber

Sid Faber

Security Expert & Head of the Robotics team at Canonical

Jorge Nicho

Jorge Nicho

Robotics Research Engineer at Southwest Research Institute

Yutaka Kondo

Yutaka Kondo

Engineer at Preferred Networks, Inc. & Author of the first Japanese ROS2 book, ROS2ではじめよう

More speakers to be announced soon…

Call for Speakers

Let your ROS project be seen at ROS Developers Day!

If you are interested in submitting a proposal, please follow the instructions below.

Deadlines to take into consideration

  • Proposal Entry Deadline: May 3, 2021
  • Evaluation Period: May 3 – May 5, 2021
  • Tutorial Preparation Period: May 5 – June 11, 2021
  • Final tutorial submission: June 11, 2021
    Tutorial & Submission Requirements
    • Tutorials can target any field of ROS1 or ROS2.
    • Proposals should be in the form of a tutorial and should focus on practice, in order to provide a real practical presentation for participants. (Please check the ROSDevCon 2020 to see how it works.)
    • Please note the tutorial should last 40 min, plus 15 min for Q&A.

    The submission of a tutorial must contain the following information:

    1. Topic Title: ( Maximum 20 Words) Catchy titles are good, just make sure they speak to the content.
    2. Speaker Bio
      • Full Name
      • Job Title
      • Institution Name
      • Contact information: Phone, Email, Address, website, etc
    3. Session Abstract/ Description( Maximum 300 Words)
    4. 4 Session Objectives ( What will attendees learn?)
    5. Special Requirements (Powerpoint, microphone, or other issues)

    Please send your proposal with the above information to tutorials@rosdevday.com.

    If your tutorial is accepted

    You will have to prepare a rosject containing the following material (We will assign you an engineer to support you in creating the rosject):

    • A notebook with the tutorial
    • Package with pre-defined code for participants (reference: how to create a rosject)

    The proposals we accepted in the past came from Clarkson University, University Rey Juan Carlos, Sony Corporation, Open Robotics, PAL Robotics, etc. 

    Past Speakers

    Louise Poubel

    Ignition Technical Lead

    Eduardo Ponz Segrelles

    Software Engineer

    Max Wittal

    Software Engineer C++/ROS 

    Alessio Capitanelli

    Research Fellow

    Francisco Martín

    Lecturer & Researcher on Robotics

    Román Navarro García


    Ludovic Delval

    Software Engineer

    Anis Koubaa

    Professor & Head of Robotics and Internet of Things Research Lab

    Andrei Kholodnyi

    Principal Technologist & CTO Office

    Pablo Garrido Sánchez

    Software Engineer

    Norio Kosaka

    MSc Machine Learning

    Dr.James Carroll, Dr. Ajay Sonar

    Associate Professor, Director of ECE Laboratories

    Luca Marchionni


    Dominik Nowak


    Alejandro Arnal Espinola

    Software developer

    Davide Faconti

    Senior Robotic Architect 

    Ephson Guakro


    Tomoya Fujita

    Software Developer 

    Carlos Rosales


    Oscar Lima

    DFKI, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

    Victor Lopez Boya

    Software Engineer

    Abhimanyu Dhawan


    José María Bea González

    Professor of Information Technology & Telecommunications




    2020 Recap


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    Conference Registration fees include:

    • Access to the event’s LIVE stream
    • 10 ROS projects (containing simulated robots, notebooks, and packages with pre-defined code)
    • Be able to practice with speakers in real-time
    • Be able to ask speakers questions
    • Unlimited access to the ROS Development Studio (ROSDS) during the conference
    • Unlimited access to the online chat tool with all participants and ROS experts
    • A copy of the ROS Developers Guide 2021

    *The conference recording will be published for the public on June 30, 2021.

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