3rd ROS

*Formerly named “ROS Developers Conference”


A Practical Conference About Robot Programming with ROS

Virtual Conference • June 27, 2020


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Welcome to ROSDevDay 2020

The 3rd ROS Developers Day (*formerly named “ROS Developers Conference“) is a hands-on online event for robot operating system developers. The event aims to connect ROS developers around the world without geographical restrictions and to share and learn the latest ROS applications through real-time practice.

At this conference, the world’s top ROS developers will bring us their latest results through a webcast. They will demonstrate their ROS projects in real-time, and you will practice at the same time!


June 27, 2020
7 AM – 7 PM
Central European Summer Time (CEST)


Online Conference

What You Can Expect

A 12 Hours Hands-on Day

You’re going to practice in real-time on any type of computer while the speakers are presenting. With a ready-made ROS project, you’ll be able to launch the robot simulation, access the project’s code, start developing control algorithms…without any previous setup on your side.


Learn From Top ROS Developers

We will select 8 robotics experts from top universities & robotics companies to teach you about real ROS projects: during the event, all participants will program together at the same time.


A Day of World Connection

Talk, program…and connect with the other robotics lovers via the online chat tool. There’s not just great ROS content— but a chance to power the world’s robots!


Our Speakers

Louise Poubel

Ignition Technical Lead, Open Robotics

Speech Title: Hands-on with Ignition and ROS2

Ignition is the next generation of robot simulator created by Open Robotics. In her talk, Louise is going to teach us how to launch Ignition simulations and how to interact with them from ROS2 by using the ROS-Ignition bridge.

Alejandro Arnal Espinola

Software developer, Robotnik Automation SLL

Speech Title: Working with Mobile Manipulators

Mobile manipulators are robots composed of a mobile base and a robotic arm. By combining these two, robots are able to interact with human things in human environments. Alejandro is going to teach us how to program a mobile manipulator and we are going to practice using Robotnik’s latest mobile manipulator, called KAI-ROS.

Victor Lopez Boya

Software Engineer, Pal Robotics

Speech Title: Creating Robot Statistics Easily

Victor has developed an easy way to create statistics from ROS information. He is going to teach us how we can use the pal_statistics package to create robot inner working statistics, including variables and topics


Francisco Martín

Lecturer & Researcher on Robotics, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos

Speech Title: ROS2 Planning System for developing Robotic Intelligent Behaviors

Francisco is going to teach us how to create complex and intelligent behaviours in robots with ROS2. He is going to show us how to create behaviour trees and how to integrate ROS2 navigation into those trees as an available skill of the robot.

Raffaello Bonghi

Robotics, computer vision scientist | Father of Panther

Speech Title: Choosing an embedded board ROS enabled

Raffaello is going to teach us how we can select an embedded board for our robot. It has to be a ROS-enabled board, but which one? Do we need GPU? Do we need extra power? He will teach us how to measure certain things in the boards according to our robotics project.

Eduardo Ponz Segrelles

Software Engineer, eProsima

Speech Title: Server-Client Discovery: an alternative node discovery mechanism for ROS 2

Eduardo is going to teach us how to use the Server-Client Discovery in ROS2. The Server-Client discovery is a new feature included recently in the last implementation of Fast DDS.

Pablo Garrido Sánchez

Software Engineer, eProsima

Speech Title: Introduction to micro-ROS: getting started with Zephyr

Pablo will teach us how to apply ROS2 to microcontrollers, by means of using micro-ROS. He is going to give us an introduction to micro-ROS (ROS for micro-controllers) using Zephyr.

Andrei Kholodnyi

Principal Technologist, CTO Office at Wind River

Speech Title: How to cross-compile ROS2 distro by taken VxWorks RTOS as an example

Andrei is going to teach us how we can cross-compile ROS2, so we can take the source code of ROS2 and generate a new version of it for a different platform that is not a Linux PC. In this case, he will use the VxWorks operating system for an ARM processor as an example.

Oscar Lima

Researcher at DFKI, German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence

Speech Title: ROSPlan, a framework that provides a generic method for task planning in a ROS system

Oscar is going to introduce us to ROS Plan, a framework that allows the interface of AI planners and ROS-based robots. Remember that AI planners allow the definition of the sequence of steps required to solve a given task.

Max Wittal

Software Engineer C++/ROS at Neobotix GmbH

Speech Title: Automatic charging of robots with neo-docking package

The docking behaviour is the one that makes the robot connect to the charging station on its own. In his lesson, Max is going to show us how to use the Neo-docking package to make a robot autonomously charge by using AR tag recognition with a camera and point cloud.

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