[ROS in 5 mins] 007 – What is rosrun and how it works?


Written by Ruben Alves




In today’s video we are going to see what’s rosrun, how rosrun works and what are its advantages.

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Step1. Create a project in Robot Ignite Academy(RIA)

We have the best online ROS course available in RIA. It helps you learn ROS in the easiest way without setting up ROS environment locally. The only thing you need is a browser! Create an account here and start to browse the trial course for free now! We’ll use the Mastering with ROS: TIAGO course as an example today.

Step2. What is rosrun and how it works?

At first, let’s try the command directly! Please type rosrun key_teleop key_teleop.py in the shell. You can move the robot with the arrow key now. If you type rosrun -h , you’ll see how you can use this command. The command will try to find the executable in the given package and execute it. If you go to the package directly, you can of course execute the executable with ./ command. The rosrun , however, offers you a much faster way to find your executable located in different packages.

Want to learn more?

If you are interested in this topic, please visit our ROS In 5 Days (Python)  course. You’ll learn not only how to create the workspace, but also packages, topic, service, and action in ROS.


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