RoBox - 24/7 ROS Remote Real Robot Labs

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RoBox, the first 24/7 ROS  remote robot lab in the world

Remotely connect to real robots and program them from your location. You don’t need to buy a robot or build a laboratory. Everything is ready here for your robot algorithm testing.


Of course, this runs on ROS1 & ROS2!

Our Current 24/7 Remote Real Robot Labs

Wheeled Robot Lab

Use a TurtleBot3 wheeled robot with lidar and camera.

Robot Arm Robot Lab

Use a 6DOF robotic manipulator with a 3D sensor.

Third-Party Robot Lab

Create your own remote real robot lab and connect your robots.

What can you do with RoBox?



Path Planning

Generate rosbags

Object Avoidance

AI algorithms


Test ROS Algorithms

How to use RoBox

Step 1. Book a Date.

Step 2. Prepare your program with RoBox ROSject

Step 3. Connect to RoBox.

Don’t miss the most wonderful part of robotics…

… the application to real robots!

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