ROS 2 Manipulation Basics

Learn the ROS 2 manipulation essentials. Learn how to use MoveIt in ROS 2 and use perception for grasping.

Why ROS 2 and Manipulation?

With ROS2 quickly becoming the standard for robotics and overcoming ROS1, it’s time to learn how to work with a robot arm in ROS2 systems. But it’s also essential to understand the current way of working because, in the short term, you will have to work with hybrid systems that use both ROS1 and ROS2. This is especially true in hardware ROS-enabled systems, which won’t be updated to ROS2 at least in a few years or even never if they are already in production and public use.

Course Overview

This course teaches the basics of having a robot arm up and running, moving around, and grasping objects using perception ROS 2.

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    Intermediate Level


    Approx. 48 hours to complete


    UR3e robot arm

    UR3e is a collaborative robotic arm with a gripper and a 3D sensor for perception. Students can use it to practice manipulation, object detection, pick & place objects, and more.

    Clarkson Open Manipulator

    ROS-enabled OpenManipulator is a full open robot platform consisting of OpenSoftware, OpenHardware, and OpenCR(Embedded board)​. The OpenManipulator is allowed users to control it more easily by linking with the MoveIt! package.

    What you will learn


    How to set up a moveit config package for a ROS2 system


    How to use moveit in ROS2 programmatically in C++


    How to use perception to find red box coordinates in ROS2


    How to do a Pick & Place task in ROS2

    course project

    Open Manipulator Pick and Place

    Using the Open Manipulator simulation, you will create a moveit package in ROS 2 to detect different objects for the manipulator to grasp.

    Then as an extra task, you will create a new version of pick and place, taking into account the differences in how the gripper works compared with the examples given throughout the course. You will also have to compensate for the difference in the size of the objects.


    Course Summary

    Unit 1: ROS 2 Manipulation MoveIt

    This unit will show you how to create a MoveIt2 Package for your industrial robot. By completing this unit, you will be able to create a package that allows your robot to perform motion planning.

    (image source:

    Learning content:

    • What is MoveIt2?
      • Generate a MoveIt1 configuration package
      • Load your robot’s URDF file
      • Define the self-collision matrix
      • Define virtual joints
      • Define planning groups
      • Define robot poses
      • Setup ROS controllers
      • Generate the MoveIt package
    • Basic Motion Planning
      • Move the real robot
      • The move_group node
    • Create the MoveIt2 package
      • Explain the launch file
      • ROS1 Bridge
    Unit 2: ROS 2 Manipulation Perception

    This unit will show you how to perform motion planning with Python. By completing this unit, you will be able to create a Python program that performs motion planning on your robot.

     Learning content:

    •  What is Perception?
      • The simple_grasping package 
      • Depth Camera Sensor
    • Running the Object Detection nodes
      • Reviewing the code of basic_grasping_perception.cpp
    • Getting the object Position
    Unit 3: ROS 2 Motion Planning

    This unit will show you how to perform motion planning with C++. By completing this unit, you will be able to create a C++ program that performs motion planning on your robot.

    Learning content:

    • Planning a trajectory
    • Let’s create the motion planning files and launch them
    • Planning to an end-effector Pose
    • Executing a trajectory
    • How to get your robot arms positions fast and easy
    • Controlling the gripper
    • Full Pick & Place pipeline
    ROS 2 Manipulation Final Project

    In this unit you will create your own project, to apply all that you have learned in this course, using a different simulated robotic arm.


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