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ROS2 Manipulation Basics

Learn the ROS2 Manipulation essentials – how to use MoveIt in ROS2 and use Perception for Pick & Place tasks.

Course overview

With ROS2 quickly becoming the standard for robotics and overcoming ROS1, it’s time to learn how to work with a robot arm in ROS2 systems. But it’s also essential to understand the current way of working because, in the short term, you will have to work with hybrid systems that use both ROS1 and ROS2. This is especially true in hardware ROS-enabled systems, which won’t be updated to ROS2 at least in a few years or even never if they are already in production and public use.

This course teaches the basics of having a robot arm up and running, moving around, and grasping objects using perception ROS 2.


What You Will Learn


ROS2 Moveit


ROS2 Object Detection


ROS2 Programatical Motion Planning

100% Online

No ROS setup is required. Everything is online.

Intermediate Level


Approx. 12 hours to complete

Simulated Robots Used

UR3e Robot Arm

This robot arm is composed of UR3e arm, OnRobot gripper and a 3D sensor for practicing objects detection and manipulating their positons.

RoBox OpenManipulator

A RoBox world composed of OpenManipulator (developed by Clarkson University) and cubes for practicing how to pick and place objects.

Course Final Hands-on Project

In the final project, you will use the OpenManipulator simulation to create a project and apply all you have learned in this course. 


ROS2 Manipulation Demo

A brief introduction to the Course. It contains a practical Demo of the course.

Unit 1: ROS2 Manipulation Moveit

Learn how to create a Moveit2 package for your own robot.

Unit 2: ROS2 Manipulation Perception

Learn how to perform Object Detection with ROS2.

Unit 3: ROS2 Motion Planning

Learn how to use the Move Group C++ Interface to interact with your manipulator robot.

Final Project: ROS2 Manipulation Project

In this unit, you will create a project and apply all you have learned in this course, using a different simulated arm.

What our students think

I have had a great experience with The Construct. I believe much of what I have learned thus far regarding ROS has been from these courses and the concepts behind the implementation of ROS have been helpful even outside of ROS applications.

Sam Daly

I’m very happy about working with The Constructsim, it is affordable, it is very comfortable for me, and the tools in the GUI are very useful

Bladimir Bacca Cortes

I really liked the learning approach based on projects and practical examples and I found the final project with an actual robot to be very useful and challenging.

Guillermo Robledo

Course creator

Miguel Angel Rodriguez

Head of Research @ The Construct | Creator of over 20 ROS & AI for Robotics courses | Author of ROS IN 5 DAYS book collection.

Alberto Ezquerro

Head of Education @ The Construct | Creator of over 30 ROS courses | Author of ROS IN 5 DAYS book collection

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