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ROS 2 Basics in 5 Days (C++)

Learn how to start working with ROS 2

100% Online Course     ·     No ROS Installation Required     ·     Practice-Based Course

Course Overview

ROS2 is finally here! This course is intended not only for new ROS users, but also ROS1 users that want to start with ROS2.

ROS2 adds a lot of new features that will get traction in the next year. This introductory course will give you the basics for starting ROS2. The bells and whistles of ROS2 that are much more advanced topics will be addressed in their respective specialized courses.

What You Will Learn

ROS2 course for beginners

Basic Concepts of ROS2

Creation of ROS2 packages

Management of the new Colcon universal building system

Topic publishers and subscribers in ROS2 C++

New Launch system based on Python

Service servers and client generation for ROS2

Basic use of ROS1-Bridge to communicate ROS2 systems with ROS1 systems

Use of Debugging tools in ROS2

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Robot Simulations Used in This Course

You will learn ROS2 through hands-on experience from day one!


Iri-Wam Arm Robot

BB-8 Robot

MARA Robot

Your ROS2 Learning Path

Ready-made ROS2 learning schedule. All you need is to Learn & Practice.

A brief introduction to the Course, including a demo.

An introduction to some ROS2 basic concepts like Nodes, packages, client libraries, etc...

How to use the ROS1 Bridge package to connect ROS1 with ROS2

An introduction to ROS2 topics: Publishers

An introduction to ROS2 topics: Subscribers

An introduction to ROS2 Services: Client

An introduction to ROS2 Services: Server

An introduction to some basic ROS2 debugging tools: Logs and Rviz2

Why ROS2?

The goal of the course

Since ROS started back in 2007, a lot has changed in the robotics world and, with it, in the ROS community. What started as a "small" project has become the main tool for robot developers all around the world. This means that ROS is being pushed to its limits every day. With all this in mind, and in order to accomplish all the new challenges that robotics evolution is presenting, ROS is now ready to evolve. And this evolution is none other than ROS2.

The goal of ROS2 is to bring ROS to a whole new level. Maintaining all the awesome features that ROS already provides, ROS2 adds many new functionalities that will ensure that it can fulfill all the new challenges that robotics will bring in the years to come.

So, the goal of this Course will be to introduce you to the basic concepts that you need to know in order to start working with ROS2. During the Course, we will try to skip all the unnecessary noise, and focus on the main things you need to know in order to learn to use ROS2. And, particularly, we will focus on practice. So... what do you say? Are you in?