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ROS RViz Advanced Markers

Learn how to use RViz Advanced Markers for debugging and visualization

About the Course

Do you want to create a kind of augmented reality visualization in RVIZ for your robots?
Do you want to visualize overlapping menus and data information on top of your robot, like in the anime Mecha robot displays?
Well, this is the course for you!

Visualizing data in the correct way is vital to extracting meaningful conclusions. This is especially true in Robotics.

One of the problems you tend to have in robotics is not knowing what the robot is actually seeing, what is the virtual representation of the world in his mind. It's also very important to represent visually complex data in one place only.

That's why RViz and all its markers and plugins have made robotics more user-friendly and powerful than ever before!

What You Will Learn

1. How to use Basic RViz Markers
2. How to Create BoundingBox Arrays that change dynamically
3. How to add Overlay text, graphs, and menus in RViz
4. Draw TF Trajectories, Robot Footsteps, and occupancy grids that change based on real robot data
5. Draw pictograms from Font Awesome to represent detections and real objects in the world
6. Represent TwistStamped commands issued to the robot
7. Create Interactive displays in RViz that allowit to execute programs from RViz with custom icons
8. Record videos of RViz

13 hours

ROS Video Tutorials

Robots used in this course:

- Haro (Gundam 00) by KIΣITO

Learning Path
Unit 1

RViz Markers Unit 0: Presentation in ROS

 (00:02 Hands on training)

Let's Play
 (00:10 Hands on training)

What you will learn with this Course
 (00:02 Hands on training)

How you will learn it all
 (00:02 Hands on training)

 (00:02 Hands on training)

Special Thanks
 (00:02 Hands on training)

Unit 2

RViz Markers Unit 1: Basic Markers

First, get a feel for the simulation
(00:10 Hands on training)

Create your first basic Marker
(01:30 Hands on training)

Create a Custom Mesh Marker
(01:00 Hands on training)

Unit 3

RViz Markers Unit 2: Bounding Boxes, Robot Footsteps, Polygon Array, Occupancy grids, and Pictograms

Where to find all these elements in RViz
(00:05 Hands on training)

Bounding Boxes
(01:00 Hands on training)

Robot Footsteps
(01:00 Hands on training)

Polygon Array
(00:30 Hands on training)

Occupancy Grids
(01:00 Hands on training)

(01:00 Hands on training)

Unit 4

RViz Markers Unit 3: Add Overlays

Adding plots, piecharts, and menus
(00:02 Hands on training)

Plots and PieCharts
(00:10 Hands on training)

Menus and Text Overlay
(00:15 Hands on training)

Complete demo
(02:00 Hands on training)

Unit 5

RViz Markers Unit 4: Add Custom Panels to RVIZ and Extras

Add a YES or NO interactive panel
(00:30 Hands on training)

Add a custom GUI
(02:00 Hands on training)

Draw trajectories and TwistStamped in RViz
(00:10 Hands on training)

Record RViz Sessions
(00:10 Hands on training)

Unit 6

What to do next

Keep Learning
(00:10 Hands on training)