ROS RViz Advanced Markers Python

Learn how to use RViz Advanced Markers for debugging and visualization

Course Overview


Visualizing data in the correct way is vital to extract meaningful conclusions. This is especially true in Robotics.

One of the problems you always tend to have in robotics is knowing what the robot is actually seeing, what is the virtual representation of the world in his mind. It’s also very important to represent visually complex data in one place only.

That’s why RViz and all its markers and plugins have made robotics more user friendly and powerful than ever before!

Learning Objectives

  • Understand how to use Basic RViz Markers.
  • Create Bounding Box Arrays that change dynamically.
  • Add Overlay text, graphs, and menus in RViz.
  • Draw TFTRajectories, RobotFootsteps, and occupancy grids that change based on real robot data.
  • Draw pictograms from FontAwsome to represent detections and real objects in the world
  • Represent TwistStamped commands issued to the robot
  • Create Interactive displays in RViz that allow the execution of programs from RViz with custom icons.
  • Record videos of RViz

Simulation robots used in this course

Haro Robot





12h 54m


ROS Basics, Python Basics, TF and URDF robot creation

What projects will you be doing?

[ROS Q&A] 168 - What are the differences between global and local costmap

Create Your First Basic Marker

Create a publisher that publishes data of a spherical-shaped marker

ROS Mini Challenge #2 - RViz

Use the Special Markers

Bounding Boxes, Robot Footsteps, Polygon Arrays, Occupancy Grids, and Pictograms


Put Overlays in RVIZ

Adding Plots, PieCharts, and Menus


Add Custom Panels to RVIZ

Use panels to turn RVIZ into your robot’s GUI command system and give it some interactivity

What you will learn

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Introduction to the Course

An introduction to the Course. It includes a simple demo.

10 min.

Unit 2: Basic Markers
  • First, get the feeling of the simulation
  • Create your first basic Marker
  • Create a Custom Mesh Marker

2 hrs. 40 min.

Unit 3: Bounding Boxes, Robot Footsteps, Polygon Arrays, Occupancy grids, & Pictograms
  • Where to find all these elements in RViz
  • BoundingBoxes
  • RobotFootsteps
  • Polygon Array
  • Occupancy Grids
  • Pictograms

4 hrs. 35 min.

Unit 4: Add Overlays
  • Adding plots, piecharts and menus
  • Plots and PieCharts
  • Menus and Text Overlay
  • Complete demo

2 hrs. 27 min. 

Unit 5: Add Custom Panels to RVIZ and Extras
  • Add a YES or NO interactive panel
  • Add a custom GUI
  • Draw trajectories and TwistStaped in RViz
  • Record RViz Sessions

2 hrs. 50 min.

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