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ROS Basics In 5 Days (C++)

Learn the fundamentals of ROS to understand and be able to program robots.

No Installation Required     ·     Practice-Based Course     ·     ROS Certificate Provided

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Course Overview

Full Course for Beginners

Interested in learning how to program robots with ROS, but don’t know where to get started?

The ROS BASICS IN 5 DAYS (C++) course will take you quickly and smoothly into ROS. You will learn the essential concepts and tools to be able to understand and create any basic ROS related projects.

What You Will Learn

ROS Course for Beginners

Understand Key ROS Concepts

Understand & Create Your Own ROS Programs

How to Debug Your ROS Programs

How to Apply Theory to Real Projects

Robots Used in This Course

Learn ROS through hands-on exercises from day one!







Parrot AR.Drone

Parrot AR.Drone



Turtlebot 2

Turtlebot 2

Your ROS Learning Path

We guide you through each step

  • Practice First: Interacting with a simulated robot
  • What you need to become a ROS Developer.
  • How will you learn ROS fast with the 30/70 learning method?
  • Know your friends: Robots
  • Course Schedule / Syllabus
  • Basic ROS Concepts (ROS packages, launch files, nodes, parameter server, ROS core, environment variables..)
  • Create your first ROS program.
  • How to create a Topic_Publisher
  • Introduction to Topic Messages
  • How to create a Topic_Subscriber
  • Create your own custom Topic Message

QUIZ: Obstacle-Avoiding Robot Quiz (TurtleBot 2)

  • How to create a Service_Client
  • Introduction to Service Messages
  • How to create a Service_Server
  • Create your own custom Service Messages

QUIZ: Control the BB-8 robot using ROS Services

  • Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming
  • How to use Python Classes in your ROS programs.
  • How to create an Action_Client
  • Introduction to Action Messages
  • Interact with Actions in a graphical way - Axclien
  • How to create an Action_Server
  • Build your own custom Action Message

QUIZ: Control a Drone Robot using ROS Actions 

  • Introduction to the main Debugging Tools: Logs, RQT, ROSBag...
  • Plot your Topic data
  • 3D Visualization of Complex data (RViz)

Ready to Become a ROS Developer?

Start learning ROS quickly and smoothly!