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ROS Control 101

To finally understand ROS_Control and how to use it on your robot.

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Course Overview

Learn how to ROSify the control of your robot

ros_control allows you to send commands to the actuators of a robot, in order to control it. For instance, you need ros_control to move the wheels of a mobile robot, or to move the different joints of a robotic arm in an industrial plant. If you don't master ros_control, you won't be able to make your robots take action.

In this ROS Control 101 course, you will learn how ros_control works, in order to apply it to your real robot.

What You Will Learn

Learn how to ROSify the control of your robot

Essential concepts of ROS_Control

How to configure ROS_Control on a Robot Simulation

How to create a custom controller

Robots Used in This Course

Learn ROS through hands-on exercises from day one!

PRbot Robot

PRbot Robot

Pi Robot

Pi Robot

Your ros_control Learning Path

We guide you through each step

  • Why ROS_Control is essential for your robot
  • Practice First: test ros_control on a Pi-Robot
  • Different types of controllers
  • How to connect ros_control to your robot using Hardware Interfaces
  • How to set up your robot’s URDF files for using ros_control
  • How to launch ros_control on your robot 
  • Using ros_control in a graphical way (rqt_gui)
  • Learn how to create a custom controller for your robot from scratch

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