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Mastering with ROS:

Smart Grasping System

Learn to work with the Smart Grasping System, from Shadow Robot

Course Overview


Within this Course, you are going to learn how you can start working with one of the robotic hands developed by the Shadow Robot Company, as well as how to use their Smart Grasping System.


What you’ll learn

  • Basic Usage and control of a Shadow Hand.
  • How to attach a robotic hand to a manipulated arm.
  • How to create a MoveIt package for a manipulated robot.
  • How to interact with the Smart Grasping System
  • How to integrate Perception with the Smart Grasping System







Programming Languages



Basic ROS, Basic Python, Basic Linux, Basic TF

Course Syllabus

Unit 1: Introduction to the Course

This Unit is an introduction to the ROS-Industrial MicroCourse. You’ll have a quick preview of the contents you are going to cover during the course, and you will also view a practical demo.

10 min.

Unit 2: Basic Usage

In this Unit, you are going to see some basic information you need to know before you start working with the Shadow Hand. Relevant topics, basic motion, etc… 

30 min.

Unit 3: Attach the hand to a robotic arm

Within this Unit you will see how to attach the Shadow Hand to an industrial robot, in this case, the UR5. You will go through some basic knowledge regarding URDF files and how to modify them.

30 min.

Unit 4: Motion Planning with MoveIt

This Unit will show you how to create a Moveit Package for your industrial robot. By completing this Unit, you will be able to create a package that allows your robot to perform motion planning.

2 hrs.

Unit 5: Smart Grasping System

This Unit will show you how to interact and what is the purpose of the different functions integrated in the Smart Grasping System.

2 hrs.

Unit 6: Perception and Object Recognition

This Unit will show you how to use Perception and Object Recognition to get the position of graspable objects.

1 hr.

Unit 7: Hands on Project

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