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ROS Learning Paths

Step-by-step, to help you learn what you need to know to reach a specific robotics goal and achieve the learning outcomes you want.

ROS for Beginners

The must-have learning path for ROS & Robotics beginners.


Robot Navigation

Make your robot navigate autonomously and understand how to build all the things.


Machine Learning for Robots

Study up and learn to master the next level of ROS & robotics



Robotics Theory

Basic ROS

ROS and ROS2 courses for beginners

Robot Navigation

Learn SLAM, Localization, and Path Planning algorithms for robots

Robot Perception & Manipulation

Learn Object Recognition, Tracking, and Grasping algorithms for robots

Robot Creation

Creating your first ROS based robot from scratch

AI for Robotics

Master machine learning algorithms and apply them to robots

ROS Debug

To finally understand how to use ROS debugging tools

Courses of Robotics Products

Mastering ROS: RB-Car

Learn the basics for autonomous driving using the Robotnik Autonomous Car.

Mastering with ROS: SUMMIT XL

Learn all the basics to work with the Summit XL robot from Robotnik

Mastering ROS: RB-Vogui+

Learn how to use the Vogui+ robot using simple navigation, manipulation, and perception examples.

Mastering with ROS: Jackal

Learn how to create real-world applications for a real robot. In this case, Jackal robot from ClearPathRobotics.

Mastering with ROS: Smart Grasping System

Learn to work with the Smart Grasping System, from Shadow Robot

Mastering with ROS: TIAGo

Learn how to work with a TIAGo robot from PAL Robotics

Mastering with ROS: TurtleBot 3

Learn how to work with a Turtlebot3 robot

ROS Projects: Turtlebot3

This is a ROS Project where you will have to apply different ROS knowledge in order to solve …

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