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A Robotics & ROS Remote Teaching Solution that Allows Your Students to Self-learn At Home

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Teaching & Learning Materials Ready To Go

No installation required

Learn Robotics & ROS Online. Your students can run Robot Operating System on any computer without all the hardware and software setup problems.

100% based on practice with simulated robots

Students will learn Robotics & ROS based on practice, not on just text/videos. This is the key to developing their problem-solving skills.

Ensure Your Students’ Learning Outcome

Our support and admin tools are designed to ensure that you can easily manage and track your students’ progress

Courses Ready to Learn

Lectures, exercises, assignments, and exams are provided. Students can follow lessons on their own.

Progress Monitoring

Quickly see how your students are doing with aggregated activity data.

Exportable Report

A downloadable CSV report allows you to further analyze students’ progress.

Robotics Experts By Your Side

Our team of experts will answer any off-the-hours students’ questions.

How It Work

An interactive environment in which students learn from trial and error

Courses We Provide

A Comprehensive ROS Curriculum

ROS Basics (Python)

ROS Basics (C++)

ROS 2 Basics

Robot Navigation

Robot Manipulation

ROS Deep Learning

Domain Randomization

Programming Drones




Self-Driving Cars with ROS

Robot Grasping

Web interface for ROS

ROS for Industrial Robots

URDF for Robot Modeling

ROS Control

Unit Testing with ROS

Python for Robotics

Linux for Robotics


TEB Local Planner

Robot Localization

Debug Tests

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