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Robot Navigation

Make your robot navigate autonomously and understand how to build all the things. In this learning path, you will build on your ROS basics skills and knowledge and learn how to navigate ROS-based robots.

Course 1 : ROS Navigation in 5 Days

Learn how to make your robot navigate autonomously by using the ROS Navigation Stack.

7hrs. 57min.

Course 2 : RTAB-Map in ROS 101

Learn how to use the rtabmap_ros package for performing RGB-D SLAM

1hrs. 30min.

Course 3 : TEB Local Planner

Learn how to set up the TEB Local Planner for your Navigation system, including setting up for car-like robots.


Course 4 : Programming Drones with ROS

Learn all the basics you need in order to start programming autonomous drones.



4 Courses


26h 27m

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